Rekey Locks

If a key to a main entry point is stolen, don’t wait. Call our team and ask us to send a pro to rekey locks in St. Albert, Alberta. We are available for lock rekeying services in St. Albert and take super-quick action when the request of our customers is urgent.

With Locksmith St. Albert standing by and fully prepared to lend the helping hand needed, all possible risks due to a missing key are minimized. So, why wait? If you are faced with an emergency that would require a lock rekey service in St. Albert, get in touch with us.

Emergency locksmiths in St. Albert rekey locks in no time flat

Rekey Locks St. Albert

The response is always fast when the customer is in a hurry to rekey locks. St. Albert locksmiths are dispatched quickly and fully equipped to rekey locks. That’s given that the lock is in a good condition. You see, when a key falls into the wrong hands by accident or intentionally, a security gap is created. What if this someone uses your key to enter your home or office, right? To minimize this risk, contact us as soon as you realize that the key is stolen or found in the hands of an unauthorized person.

The focal point of this service is key change. Since the original key may put you in trouble, it must be rendered useless. Right? And so, what the locksmiths do is change the lock’s pins. By doing so, the old key is indeed useless. The pros make a new key – one that will perfectly fit the new lock pin configuration. By having all needed tools, key replacement options, and all other things they may need in their truck, the pros complete the job then and there, and in the best way. Be sure.

Available for lock rekey services – emergency or not

The process is somehow similar if you want to operate some or all locks with one key. Or if you want a more complex master key system. Once again, the pros come prepared to make keys and change the pins of locks allowing you to use one key for a large number of locks and stop worrying about security concerns. Is that what you need or do you just want a lock rekeyed urgently? Whatever it is, call us. As long as you seek specialists who rekey locks, St. Albert’s most dedicated team is ready to serve.